We frequently get asked the same questions several times a day. In order to be more efficient we’ve created a list of FAQ to save you time from emailing us. If you have a question not listed, please feel free to contact us and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Yes, if your order is placed and paid for before our shipping deadlines of 2:30 PM Arizona MST (6pm EST), then it will be shipped out same day.

  • USPS Priority $6.95 and Priority Express $25
  • FedEx (prices calculated at checkout, you must be logged in to see.)

We offer Zelle and sometimes other payment options are available. Instructions are available at checkout, they will also be sent to you via email, if you forget.

No. Unfortunately, because of the nature of our research products that we sell, we do not accept returns or exchanges, so please do not ask. By ordering, you assume full risk and acceptance on your behalf. If you do not know what you are ordering, do not order it.

If your package has noticeable damage, do NOT open the package. Take photos and video of the damaged package and submit them via our Contact page within 48 hours. We will assess the damage, and try to help you with your losses. Please keep in mind; we will require that you ship the remaining product back to us in order for your return to be processed. We will gladly reimburse you for postage and product if the claim is genuine. 

If you open the package without video and photographic proof, we will not be able to assist you with your request.

No, unfortunately we do not give refunds or exchanges due to the nature of the research product.

Once your payment is verified, I will mark your order as processing. In the meantime, you can login to your registered account, by pressing the “My Account” tab, located on the top of the home page. If you don’t know your password, you can request it in the same area on the login page.

If you choose to waive the signature, you are agreeing to take full responsibility if your package is left at the front door and stolen or misdelivered.

Once your order is verified and the label is printed, you will get an email update within the next several hours for your order with tracking link. Sometimes we get more orders than usual, so that email might go out later than expected. If there is an issue with any step of your order, we will contact you immediately, otherwise, you will receive an order completed email as soon as we are able to send it. Sometimes, the postage tracking links will not post until the second scan around 8pm EST and FedEx 7PM EST.

If you receive a tracking number, your package is getting shipped that day, unless it’s after hours, and we’re being proactive for the next day. We take every package inside to either USPS or FedEx and have them scanned in. Sometimes there are scan issues or tracking is down, but your package has been handed off to the carrier on time.

Currently most carriers have ceased issuing refunds due to Covid-19. If your package is over a day late contact us immediately and we’ll see if we can assist you somehow.

NO. We are automatically notified by email from Zelle and GooglePay when we receive payment. If there is a problem with your order, you will be contacted immediately via email and if you do not respond in a timely manner, the order may be cancelled.

YES. If you place an order and do not submit payment within 1 hour, it will be cancelled automatically by our system. 

We often see customers try to use gift cards when using our processors. Our processors will only accept a cash-linked acceptable bank account, meaning, it must be directly connected to your bank using the routing/account numbers/debit card. We may offer other means of payment to trusted, long-term customers, but unfortunately, chargebacks and fraudulent claims are rampant in this industry. If there is a real reason why you need to cancel your order, we will gladly process your refund as long as the postage and product has not been shipped.


Unfortunately no, however it doesn’t always take the full two days. If your payment completes by cutoff time it will ship out the day you order, otherwise it will ship on the business day it shows as completed.

Please keep in mind that we are very busy during the day. We will try to answer emails in a timely request, but we cannot reply to everyone’s non-urgent request, especially if it is outlined in this section. Those emails will be answered later in the day, as we will only be focused on urgent issues with ordering and payments. Please try to be patient while we process your order. Trust us! We will contact you if there is any issue with payment. We will contact you and walk you through any issues if you encounter any. If you request your tracking during business hours, it will not be sent to you until we ship the product later in the day. Asking for it will not get your tracking number sooner. It will only delay us and we cannot afford to deal with any unnecessary emails during business hours. When you make an order, you get notification in email and so do we. There is no need to email us that you placed an order.

Due to the amount of orders we receive in a day, we only accept orders placed directly from our website. 

If you do not see a specific weight on our website, please email us to see if we can fulfill your request. Often times, we have extra stock that hasn’t been listed available around the time that I get a new shipment in. If we do not have it on the website, then you will need to place an order on the website and pay for the cost of each order to fulfill your amount.